Why We Need a Campaign

The Goal Before us…Garden-Path-392x588

After many years of thinking, planning and construction, finally on All Saints Day, November 4th, 2012, we dedicated a beautifully refurbished Christ Church Memorial Garden.

This major renovation solved the problem of tremendous flooding, which not only threatened the integrity of the in-ground niches, but the very foundation of the church as well. Over the years, storms had left the garden under a foot of water. At the time of the renovation, cremains previously interred in the old garden were carefully re-interred in a dryer, better landscaped garden. They were also given a larger bronze plaque with a handsome granite base.

This beautiful renovation, designed by Linn Architects, also made much better use of space, giving us a more elegant and flowing design. Adding cremorials and a scattering garden allowed us to increase significantly the number of possible interments for future generations of Christ Church members.

In planning the garden the original planning committee knew we could fund the $250,000 project, if all the niches were sold. And while we haven’t yet achieved that goal, the niches we have sold reduced the amount of the loan by about $30,000. We currently owe approximately $220,000.

A capital campaign committee was formed in 2014 to explore ways to encourage greater participation by more members of the parish. The following ways of giving are offered for your consideration:

1. Purchase a Niche

2. Purchase a place in the Scattering Garden

3. Memorialize a Loved One

4. Make a Gift with naming opportunities