1. Purchase a Niche

Niches for cremains may be purchased outright or through an affordable payment plan of 12, 24, or 36 months.

You may purchase either a single or a double niche. Please be sure to see “Terms of Purchase for Niches” in the link below for an explanation of how single niches are assigned.

Note that there are also a small number of “in ground” vaults still available (for double occupancy only). If you are interested in one of these, please speak to the rector. You will not be able to reserve one online.

Understanding that you may not be prepared to make a decision on a final resting spot, you are nonetheless encouraged to purchase a niche(s). Should you relocate or decide on another final resting place in the future, the money you have used for purchase will be fully refunded.  You can apply this amount to another cemetery or memorial garden. There is no penalty for selling your reservation back to Christ Church.

When you complete your reservation form and you have indicated you would like to pay securely online, you may use our secure server to set up payments.  You can pay in full, or set up a monthly payment plan. You will also have the option of simply mailing in a check each month.  Those who plan on paying by check must make it out to “Christ Church” earmarked “Memorial Garden niche”. You will be responsible for sending in your payment on a regular monthly basis. Payments made either through our online payment service or mailed in will be tracked through your quarterly pledge statement.

Please be sure to read the Terms of Purchase for Niches



Single Niche – $1,360     Double Niche – $2,720

If making payments over time using a payment plan, your monthly payments (including processing charges) would be as follows:

Single  12 mo – $113.33/mo ; 24 mo – $56.66/mo; 36 mo – 37.77/mo

Double 12 mo – $226.66/mo; 24 mo – $113.33/mo; 36 mo – $75.55/mo


Memorial Garden Niche Reservation Sections A,C,F,G

Memorial Garden Niche Reservation Sections H – O

After you make your reservation, you should receive a confirmation email. Please be sure to check your spam folder if it does not arrive (from wufoo.com)