2. Purchase a place in the Scattering Garden

For those preferring their cremains to be placed directly into the ground, there is a small scattering garden immediately in front of the fountain. There will be a bronze cenotaph on either side of the fountain wall on which a bronze scroll will be affixed at the time of death. The scroll will show the name and the year of birth and year of death.

The cost of a reservation in the scattering garden is $600. Should plans change and you decide to have your cremains interred elsewhere, you may request a full refund. There will be interment fee of $400. payable at the time of interment. This covers the cost of the bronze scroll, the interment, as well as the perpetual maintenance and upkeep of the garden.



Single Scattering – $600     Double Scattering – $1200

If making payments online using a payment plan or sending in a check each month, your monthly payments would be as follows:

Single  12 mo – $50/mo ; 24 mo – $25/mo; 36 mo – 16.66/mo

Double 12 mo – $100/mo; 24 mo – $50/mo; 36 mo – $33.33/mo



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