Terms of Purchase for Niches

Only members of Christ Church Ridley Park and their family members may be interred in the Christ Church Memorial Garden.

Reservations for particular units will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Purchasers of double units may reserve any available location. Purchasers of single units may choose one of 6 sections (A, C, F, G, H or section I through O). (Note I through O is considered one section.) The purchaser will be assigned the other side of a half-occupied pair, if one exists. If there is no half-occupied pair, purchaser may request a specific niche with understanding that next purchaser desiring the same section will be assigned to other side of the half-occupied pair.

Purchase agreements may not be sold or transferred. They are not deeds of property. While the buyer purchases the right to the interment of cremains in perpetuity, the unit itself (or units) remains the property of Christ Church Ridley Park.

If the purchaser decides at a later date (before actual interment) that he or she wishes to relinquish purchase rights, he or she may request a full refund. Once cremains are interred, there will be no refund allowed, should duly authorized legal representative decide at later date to request removal of cremains.

There will be a $400 fee charged at the time of interment (in ground, above ground, or scattering garden) to cover the cost of the interment, custom bronze plaque (or cenotaph scroll described below) and for contribution to a perpetual care fund. This fee is subject to change.

The custom bronze plaques may only display the full name, the year of birth and year of death of the decedent.

Those purchasing on a payment plan may do so by sending in monthly payments by check. They may also choose to pay securely online by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer from a bank account) or by credit card. Purchasers set this up at http://Campaign.ChristChurchRidleyPark.org or may contact the Financial Secretary who will set up credit card payments for you. Purchasers who fall more than three months behind in payments will forfeit their purchase rights. All payments will be refunded.

Parishioners who had already purchased an in-ground vault prior to the new memorial garden construction and would like to switch their reservation to one of the newer above ground units may apply the original in-ground purchase price to a new purchase agreement. They will then relinquish the right to interment in the in-ground vault.

Those who have served our country in the armed forces and whose cremains are interred in the Memorial Garden will be entitled (at no charge) to have their name placed on a special honor roll in the Christ Church Memorial Garden.

Purchaser understands that purchases of niches are not tax-deductible.